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English Saddles For Sale: A Checklist

English saddles are notoriously expensive, so the thrifty equestrian waits for sales or buys used saddles. But a bargain isn’t a bargain if the saddle soon falls apart. When looking over any English saddle for sale, new or used, check these three important areas for poor fit or damage – the billets, the panels and the tree.


Lift the saddle flap to examine the billets. These are the three or four straps when the girth is buckled onto. The billets receive a lot of strain, so check that they are supple, that the stitching is still together and that the straps are not coming apart. Look at the billet strap from the side in order to best see if part is peeling or fraying off of the rest of the strap.


This is the part that contacts the saddle blanket or horse’s back. Check this for dents, tears, fraying of stitches and any hasty repairs. Panels will eventually need replacing, but doing so can be a nuisance.


A broken saddle tree means a broken saddle. But it’s not always apparent when a saddle tree is fractured. While the saddle is on a rack, hold the front with one hand so it stays in place. Grab the cantle or back of the saddle with the other hand and gently pull towards the front. The saddle should give slightly. If the saddle appears to be folding in half, the tree is broken.

English Saddles For Sale

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